Plans for the futurePlans for the future

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Plans for the future

Post by TMS Lucy » Tue Sep 11, 2018 8:34 pm

Hello, friends. :bye:
We want to tell you about our current situation and our plans for the future. [preved;
Kickstarter didn't give us financing. But we know for sure, that everything was done for the best.
The positive effect of Kickstarter:
- Great advertisement for our project. People around the world found out about us. We've got 28 000 views on YouTube channel; more than 800 000 people saw our paid advertisement, that we put out on main gaming channels and websites. If we consider the fact, that it did spread around many countries (up to the Philippines) - that is a very good result.
- Our project is discussed in the game industry.
- We have received offers from professional actors and animators to make voice acting for our characters. So, we started working on this aspect of the game a little more, started creating voices and language.
- Also, we have received financing offers, even an offer to post our project on an investor's forum. But we have put all of that away as a very last resort. Because it is a very high risk to lose the whole project.
We have planned our work for a year.
We decided to show gamers what we can do. Because the main reason for a failure on Kickstarter was, that nobody knew about us. People are afraid to give money to companies, that never released anything before, even if the project is interesting and promising.
What we are going to do next:
- Release two small editor programs (for clothing etc.) for TrinityMS project.
And then we will decide what to do with financing.

About editors for TrinityMS:
- First, will be a small clothing editor. It will let gamers and creators to make their own clothing by using only Photoshop.
- Next, small hair editor. It will allow changing of color, length, waviness, etc. of hairstyles that we make.
- If we will have enough time, we also want to make a construction editor.

All those projects will be free for all. We plan to receive income from advertisements built into these programs and selling of in-game stuff.
We ask for your understanding. And we will be glad if you follow the news about our project on our forum.

Thank you very much. thank_you

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Plans for the future

Post by BarryHit » Sun Jul 07, 2019 1:31 am

Have you tried the Hull Town Docks museum, in Hull. they carry many of both CWG and Cochranes plans.

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