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Sweetegia Sneak

Post by TMS Lucy » Wed Jul 11, 2018 4:26 pm

In this video, we show an example of the interconnection between a plant with extraordinary features, and different insects, depending on time of day.

Sweetegia Sneak is one of the unusual plants. It emits weird, luminescent, sweet smoke only during semidarkness of every dusk and dawn. This sweet smell attracts giant rubellite dragonflies. But during the day you can always see translucent butterflies circling around.
Trinity scientists will have to uncover mysterious properties of this plant and associated with is insects. Also, need to identify how does the smoke affect living creatures. How can this plant be useful for planets inhabitants? Or maybe dangerous?
One of the difficulties is, that you can only see this unusual smoke if you are close to the plant during specific dark hours. It doesn’t appear at any other time, so if you don’t know about it – you may never see it. There are a lot of such odd, interesting things on planet Trinity. And you can’t tell right away – is this safe or not? Your character can accidentally see an odd effect around a plant and start thinking what to do with it: is it ok to touch, taste, smell, or maybe better to play safe and tell scientists from the university about it first?

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