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An example of interconnection

Post by TMS Lucy » Thu Jul 12, 2018 9:29 pm

In TrinityMS we plan to make it, so that environment will influence objects and characters without player’s involvement. That will make TrinityMS world more alive and dynamic. gamer4: [wink3;
Here is, for example, in this video, you can see how the wind moves a curtain if a window is open. The curtain pushes a glass, so it falls and breaks. That incident will upset your character very much because the glass has been brought from Earth - it was a very expensive and valuable object for people of the first settlement on Trinity. Because manufacturing is not yet established, the city isn’t developed and there is no glass yet. Even the windows will be made with special plastic, it’s transparent and unbreakable spiteful; . All glass objects are very expensive until local glass will be made.

Beside the bed, there is a big waterfall simulation with colourful fog effects and levitating stones. Also, this construction has some special traits: it will affect characters depending on what colour of the mist you select. It can give a soothing calm effect on the room, or simply mood uplifting, or even romantic. party; first_move:

This way, the whole nature and even household environment will have an effect on each character and, indirectly, on gameplay.
Food isn’t an exception too, popcorm1; aside from being tasty or not, it will have unique properties at times too, and not always pleasant ones. :bad: sarca;

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