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Planetary systemTrinity Mysterious System

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Trinity Mysterious System

Post by TMS Lucy » Sat Jul 14, 2018 9:13 pm

In this forum thread, we will discuss the Trinity System itself, its characteristics and phenomena.

Far in space have been discovered a new system, it has a binary planet system with one of the planets suitable for life. Also, this system has a Fake Blue Dwarf (FBD) – sun, that looks like Blue Dwarf, but doesn’t have a magnetic field and, for an unknown reason, orbiting a smaller planet of the binary system. Scientists named this system – The Trinity System.

The Planet Trinity itself has an atmosphere like the one on Earth, ocean and 4 continents. The weather here is heavily influenced by the big and hot Red Planet, that can always bee seen on the horizon, creating beautiful views – this Red Planet and Planet Trinity are the ones rotating in a binary system, they always look at each other and don’t rotate around their own axes. Planet Trinity is always facing its sister with south pole. Red Planet has a wonderful red colour thanks to all the fire and lava on it. It gives our Planet warmth because we are so close, but not light. The south pole of our planet is the hottest place because of it. So, the closer continents are to the south pole of Trinity – the warmer they are.

Fake Blue Dwarf (FBD) – small and blue sun orbiting our planet as a satellite, not very far, and emits soft blue light, creating a day and night cycle. No one yet knows why, but it doesn’t have its own powerful magnetic field, that’s why it orbits a planet and not otherwise. Second it distinction from any other sun is a fact that it doesn’t give us warmth when it should be extremely hot.

With a combination of sky-blue light from FBD and fiery-red from the Red Planet – we have our sky change colours from blue, to purple and red depending on the time of day.
The nature of formation and existence of these stellar bodies is a mystery for people from Earth and creates a big interest for scientists, who want to research it. Mastering of Trinity’s Planet is one of the main goals for our team of first settlers. In order to survive on this, seemingly comfortable and friendly planet, they have to first study very well the nature of system’s existence.


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Trinity Mysterious System

Post by BarryHit » Wed Jul 10, 2019 4:17 am

That looks exactly like what they are: instrumental artefacts.Anything circular centered on one of the radar locations is usually an instrumental artefact of some sort.

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