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Animal world

Post by TMS Lucy » Mon Jul 16, 2018 11:30 am

Animal world will differ a lot on each of the continents.

A little bit of art
Weather conditions are so different, that animals on each planet just can’t develop the same, they have various looks and behaviors. Everyone survives in their own way [wink3;

The most similar to Earth’s animals, are the ones on the Tripolis continent. One of them has really interesting habits:
Herbivorous rodent Farhan. The size of a cat.
Shy but curious. Was first to meet people on Trinity! Its curiosity I so big, that he can’t miss a chance to get closer to two-legged creatures and steal everything that is shiny. It is a “magpie” of rodents.
Favourite food – nuts.
Long, flexible body and short, tenacious paws allow for fast and artful movement inside dense nut-shrubs.
Big almond-shaped eyes and wide ears make it easier to live in prairies.


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