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Building mode

Post by TMS Lucy » Mon Jul 16, 2018 11:24 am

In our game Construction mode will turn on automatically when character orders online service from the Building Department.
But the game wouldn’t have a separate Building menu.

It will have only a “Renovation”. In menu “Renovation” we will have options for land around the house, small cosmetic renovation (changing the colour of the walls/floor/windows/doors).

In order to change house planning, its level count and size you will have to get in touch with architect/designer from the Building Department. It will be paid, expensive and slow service though. The whole family will have to move to a hotel or a different house, if available, for the duration of the construction. Or just take a whole family on vacation!

In the menu section “House” there will be options related to character’s houses, as there will be several of them.

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