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Own cost

Post by TMS Lucy » Sat Jul 14, 2018 2:38 pm

All items in the game will have their own cost.
There will be some first need items available for free to first people on the planet when deploying the first town.
First buildings and furniture for them will be free for settlers. All of the free items are brought from Earth or printed on a 3d printer.
Houses and furniture will be extremely simple, made out of special plastic, without any excesses or much design.
Differences inside the houses will be made by the different quality of items and amount of décor depending on tenant’s level and wealth.
Because salary is different for various crew members, therefore household arrangement will be different too.
Dishes and décor:
Cheap - plastic, special artificial metal for 3D printing
Expensive - glass, wood, metal (brought from Earth)
With gradual research of the Trinity planet, city’s own manufacturing development, new items will become available, made from local resources with new properties and different prices. Of course, prices on locally made stuff will also wary from cheap, to crazy high.
Local item’s price will wary on materials. Where it comes from, how hard it is to extract it, how rare it is and how difficult it is to process it.

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